I love to hear about young people with a passion….  I find that most young people these days like to dabble in a lit bit of everything and do not focus on one real interest.  That is why when I read the New York Times article about Sam Perry Allen I was so impressed. Sam Perry Allen is a 19 year old that became passionate about interior design at age 12. It was then that he began working “unofficially” in his local home design store Dovecote,  at age 15  he actually became a paid employee at the store and by 17  was being hired as an interior designer for a 7,000 square foot home and more.

After reading this article, I was so impressed by this young man I tried to find out more about him and found his website Sam Allen Interiors.  His eye for style and interior design work is incredible– just take a look at some of his projects:

We share a love of orange…..

and the West Elm Parsons desk....


and the all white kitchen…


and personalization and turquoise… and of course orange again….

via samalleninteriors


and clean, sleek design with lots of books….

I have a feeling you will be hearing the name Sam Allen alot in the future.  I know I will be following and admiring his career.  Would you hire a 19 year old to design your home? If it was Sam Allen, I know I would….  What do you think?  I’d love to know.



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