Admiring Alexa Hampton…

I had the pleasure of attending  Kravet’s Blogfest 2012 this week and had a really great time– I learned a lot and was fortunate to hear some truly great and inspirational speakers in the design and publishing business as well as see beautiful design inspiration.

One of the highlights for me was when Anne Maine, Editor in Chief of  TRADITIONAL HOME, interviewed interior designer Alexa Hampton who runs Mark Hampton LLC.   The interview was so entertaining and Alexa Hampton is such an interesting and humorous speaker— she has such a great ease about her and such great stories to tell about her life.  Alexa is clearly very smart and witty– I could have listened to her tell stories of growing up as the daughter of a world famous interior designer for hours.   She could truly have her own talk show all about life and style.

While I can appreciate all styles of design, I definitely do not lean towards classic “traditional.”  However, after becoming enamoured with Alexa Hampton, I took a closer look at some of the rooms she has created and designed and I have new affection for this style.   I have long admired Alexa’s work in magazines and she is an incredible interior designer who has taken classical “traditional” style and really brought it forward for today’s consumers and families.  Take a look at these images of some of Alexa’s work, via pinterest:

I absolutely love this entrance–

There are so many exquisite details in this entrance from floor to ceiling–

via pinterest

I  love the mix of colors here-

via pinterest

This bedroom is so calm and serene… and gorgeous!

via pinterest

And how can I resist a little pop of orange?  These rooms have a great flow and I love the soft gray color throughout…  this is my kind of traditional!

via pinterest

What do you think of these rooms?  Are you an Alexa Hampton fan too?  Is this your kind of “traditional?”  I’d love to know…





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