My latest obsession!

My latest obsession is this F.Schumacher Shockwave cut velvet fabric–  it is so gorgeous and luscious.  I originally saw it on television on a chair in Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s house and tracked it down— of course it is a Schumacher, they have most of my favorite fabrics.

This is an expensive fabric; however, it could be the only expensive choice in a room filled with inexpensive solid fabrics and paint.  It is a worthwhile addition to create a statement in a room!



I recently used the fabric in the Platinum on a large lumbar pillow for a client’s master bedroom (see Portfolio also).  It came out amazing!    We are waiting on the new night tables and carpet, but I just had to show you how it looks so far… The combination of fabrics and patterns is just fabulous!

Schumacher pillow fabric and wallpaper

Khloe and Lamar’s home office below– Absolutely gorgeous!  Jeff Andrews, is the Los Angeles based interior designer responsible for this amazing office.  I love every piece of furniture and detail in this room.
via casasugar

Let me know what you think?



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4 Responses to My latest obsession!

  1. kathryn hausman says:

    Love it! lmk when you find something amazing for 8 dining room chairs with red, black and gold being the primary colors:)

  2. Bill Montana says:

    Very cool Cindy! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Jenny alembik says:

    Love the fabric! Every room should have a touch of white and black.

  4. Hamid Hosseinipoor says:

    Where did you get that bedroom headboard! It looks great

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