Dream Closets!


I admit it…. I have closet envy!


I love my clothes and shoes and I hope to one day have a really fabulous closet that is a focal point or extension of my master bedroom, but for now I just admire others….

I love, love, love closets that are like rooms that showcase your wardrobe and shoes and make getting dressed easy and fun!  We spend so much time getting dressed and choosing what to wear, it would be so nice to have a closet that we love to spend time in, can linger in, actually enjoy—-Some also put their make-up and jewelry on in their closets as well….

I too would choose this closet over a ring from Mr. Big as Carrie Bradshaw did in the Sex and the City movie—  This closet is amazing and better than a diamond…. I think every woman in the movie theater gasped when those doors opened…


via Hookedonhouses.net





via Hookedonhouses.net














Looking at this picture of Carrie’s closet (via Hookedonhouses.net) almost makes me lightheaded its so gorgeous– I can hear the choir in the background singing (“AHHHHHH”).  It is the perfect combination of visible hanging spaces, closed drawers and room for shoes…. and I love the shiny clean white flooring and the mirrored hardware (and mirrored strips around the drawers– simly ingenious!!).  The all white decor is perfect and clean so it cannot distract from the patterns and colors of the clothing.

If you cannot have Carrie’s exact closet, but would like the mirrored handles, you can find the same ones as in the movie Sex and the City and other great choices at theparisapartment.com. Handles and hardware are a great, simple and reasonable way to update closets, cabinetry and furniture and make a great statement in a room.  You can also glam up any closet by hanging a chandelier from the ceiling, putting vintage or family photos on the walls and picking a pretty paint color or wallpaper– it does not have to be huge to make it glamorous or special.



via theparisapartment.com

I also love these handles….

via theparisapartment.com









Mariah Carey’s closet below (via Instyle.com) is also all white and a perfect showcase for her extensive collection of clothes and shoes….  It is so vast and elegant.  I love the moulding, the floor, the chandelier and how the clothes are arranged in aisles like a fine department store (notice the single highlighted piece hanging in the front of each aisle)…..  Amazing!

Mariah Carey's closet via Instyle.com

Christina Aguilera’s closet is pretty funky with the leopard carpet, red curtains and chandelier and pink ladder– I also love the pink settee (I’d love to know what is on the other side of the curtains).  I would love to be able to see all of my shoes and clothes when deciding what to wear- sometimes when something is buried in the back you forget about it.  Although it is always nice to rediscover a long forgotten favorite item…

via Instyle.com












The below was designed by Mary McGee and Creative Closetworks for Young Hollywood Home at the Pacific Design Center– what I love about this closet is that it actually seems attainable for a real “non-celebrity” person– it is not fancy, but very large and I love the use of the furniture pieces (especially the mirrored desk) scattered around the room and the open shelving for visibility.  It is important to have somewhere to sit when putting on heels and boots- and the center island is nice to arrange accessories.

Massucco Warner Miller


I think the detailing and the fretwork on this closet is so beautiful; however, it has too much closed cabinetry for me personally, as I need to see everything.  If I can’t see it, I do not remember to wear it!

Some people may prefer all closed cabinetry as it always looks neat and can hide any disorganization…





The closet below is just incredible– the mirrors, the moulding, the lighting and the fretwork  is so glamorous– it makes for such an fabulous dressing room.  While the cabinetry is all closed, I do like the way the door open for visibility.  I also love the mirrored vanity and stool.  It is so feminine and lovely– I would have to have a girls-night cocktail party in this room just to show it off!

via Traditionalhome.com

via Traditionalhome.com


via Traditional Home
Antonio Martins, Antonio Martins Interior Design


What do you think of these closets?  What type do you like?  I’d love to know.



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5 Responses to Dream Closets!

  1. Karin Greenberg says:

    I’d take any of the above but I think I could live in Mariah Carey’s!!

  2. lisa schuster says:

    i would love any other of these closets, actually i would love some clothes to put in these closets, actually i would love a body to put in these clothes, in these closets. kidding aside, they are amazing. Loving all your posts!!!

  3. Kathy haudman says:

    My closet is the size of Harry Potters cubbard! I ALWAYS have closet envy. Love ur posts. Orange and Turquoise- the best. You are hired to decorate my Fl home! I only have to wait another 10 years!

  4. I would take any one of these fabulous closets and then hire a company to put some version of Fido’s Fence around it that would shock my husband and kids if they tried to enter! :) Love the site!

  5. Carrie Schultz says:

    love all of your posts!! I saved this one because i needed to see it on my computer not my phone. I am obsessed with my closet. Everytime Lisa comes over see moves my piles just to make me nuts. I know its a problem!! You can only imagine how hard it was for me to go from a house to an apartment!!!

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