A Gorgeous View!

As dinner time approaches on this lovely Saturday night, I thought I’d share a gorgeous view and inviting dining room.  How much fun would it be to stay in this house with close friends and/or family for a vacation — or better yet to live in this house…..and gather around this comfy table for meals with the waves crashing in the background?  It is so simple and casual, yet so incredible at the same time.   I can imagine sumptuous, yummy breakfasts and buffet dinners— maybe even some game playing…  I could also just sit on the outside chairs facing the ocean all day.   Anyway, something to think (and dream) about….

I love the pillows– makes seating arrangements very easy, just give everyone a number!

via Coastalliving.com- photographed by Jean-Philippe Piter

What do you think?  I’d love to know…

Have a great weekend!



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One Response to A Gorgeous View!

  1. Arlene Pressman says:

    Mom and I would love seats 5&6

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