I found these two other closets I absolutely love and had to share them as they may actually be my favorites…

This one seems to really have it all– the open visibility, the white gorgeous cabinetry and drawers, the chandelier, mirrored accents, center island, a place for photos, a place to sit  and lots and lots of room… (and clothes)– it is so glamorous and perfect!

via Pinterest

I also absolutely love this one below– it is different from all the others I posted as it has wallpaper and looks like an old Hollywood dressing room.  I love the femininity, the window treatments, the seating, the visibility of the clothing and I adore the mirrored desk/dressing table.  The wallpaper happens to be one of my favorites from Osborne and Little ( Volte Face) and even though it is a pattern, it does not distract from the clothing as it is muted in color like the other fabrics.  In this room, you can actually imagine trying on outfits –with a friend sitting on the couch providing opinions.  Or putting on make-up at the dressing table while your child adoringly admires your technique.  Simply perfect!

via Pinterest design by Mary McDonald

So many good options to choose from, but I am really loving these two…. realistically if I were to have a fabulous closet in my home, I have a feeling it would look more like Mary McDonald’s than than the others.  I would have a hard time not adding some Hollywood elements and wallpaper and the all white look would be a lot of pressure to keep absolutely neat and organized at all times.  But then again I love the clean all white look with all of the moulding and cabinetry…. I just don’t know…I go back and forth but that’s ok because I’m still dreaming….

What would you do?  I’d love to know…




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2 Responses to TWO MORE CLOSETS–

  1. Daisy says:

    If the walk-in closet would entirely for my use, I will do great with all white. I am an organize freek when it comes to cloths. But knowing that I would have to share this beautiful closet with my future hubby, it will be a challenge and extra work for me to keep things lined up. My dream closet…Carrie’s walk-in. When I saw the movie, it took my breathaway and I felt being in a fairy tale dream…what a gorgeous closet.

  2. Jenny alembik says:

    Love Mary’s closet! Stunning!

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