Ok I am back…. Sorry I have not posted in a while—- been very busy getting my kids ready for Summer Camp and finishing up the school year…..  Anyway, I finally had a few minutes and was looking at interior designer Molly Luetkemeyer’s webite and blog (which are both fabulous)— and I saw this room which brought me back to my youth.  When I became a teenager I had my bedroom redone from multi-colored flowers and gingham to pink, turquoise and black– I loved that room more than anything!  The walls were a pale baby pink with a bold turquoise and black graphic linear design painted on the walls with a big round mirror in the center (see I always liked things a little out of the box).  My mom painted it herself– and I thought it was soooo cool!

Anyway, you do not see a lot of graphic designs on walls these days that do not look outdated and 80’s until now…. Check out what Molly did in this Bel Air home.  I love the pattern and the unusual mix of color on the walls—- and if you notice, the furniture is very simple and easy.  The paint makes the room and I also love the pillow (and how the backgammon game is perfectly placed and matches the room exactly)!!!  To me this is just so retro chic and certainly gives a “wow” to a room.

While this mural is quite extensive, it is not that hard to do on a smaller scale, either by yourself or by a professional and it really adds a lot of style to any room.

What do you think?  Would you ever do something this bold in your home?  I’d love to know….



p.s.  little tidbit– Molly is the sister of Julie Bowen, who plays Claire on the tv show “Modern Family”— very talented family!!


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2 Responses to ISN’T THIS COOL?

  1. Arlene Pressman says:

    I am so happy to know that your teenage bedroom still holds such a special place in
    your heart as it does mine. I loved doing it for you.

  2. Arlene Pressman says:

    Too bad as much as we love and believe out mothers about most things, we have to come to terms with ourselves in our own good time. Her dads speech has a similar
    point of view as your own dads did. They both could make you cry.
    You are amazing……

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