Have you seen Million Dollar Decorators?



Obviously I love decorating…so of course I am addicted to the new Bravo show “MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS.”  The show follows five very famous interior designers as they design and create for their very wealthy and often extremely famous clients.  The designers are Mary McDonald, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Nathan Turner, Kathryn Ireland and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.  They are all celebrated interior designers that are often featured in the press and all have their own individual product lines.  They all have very BIG personalities and are extremely entertaining!   It is so much fun is to be a voyeur into the multi-million dollar homes they decorate and to see the before and after transformations.  Personally, it is also fun to imagine decorating with such large budgets.  Often these designers have carte-blanche to design and spend as their clients have complete trust in them and budgets are not a real concern ($1,000,000-$2,000,000 on furnishings— oooooohhhh that would be a dream job for me!!)  I love to spend other people’s money!













Here is a sampling of their amazing style and work——


According to her website, Mary McDonald’s style combines old-fashioned elegance with a modern sensibility resulting in a fearless, joyful exuberance. Her ability to combine bold patterns, Chinoiserie, and Indian influences with contemporary lines and an impeccable sense of color has established her signature style.

I would have to say that of all the designers on the show, Mary’s style is my favorite and the most like the interior design style that I favor– glamour with pops of fun!  I often admire her work and look to her designs for inspiration in my own work.

Remember my post about Chevron– well take a look at this Chevron floor— isn’t it fabulous?  Like wallpaper for the floor– I love it!!!


via Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo


And hello Orange– I love the way Mary puts things together!  Orange and zebra, what can be better?

via marymcdonaldinc.com

Mary is the ultimate in Hollywood Glamour—  too much is never enough!  This bedroom is incredible– whimsical and glamorous at the same time!

via Marymcdonaldinc.com

I love everything about this room– from the drapes to the David Hicks (La Fiorentina) fabric pillows on the upholstered chairs to the Chinoisserie chairs with the red patent leather seats…. not one detail was missed….

via Marymcdonaldinc.com



Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is renowned for his broad range of styles and eclectic, sophisticated yet always comfortable interiors.

I could just melt into this couch and room….  I love everything he did in Tamara Mellon’s (the Founder and President of Jimmy Choo) New York City ($30,000,000) apartment.  As much as I said that Mary McDonald’s style is my favorite, Martyn’s is a very close second.

Tamara Mellon's apartment via Harpers Bazaar


Isn’t Tamara Mellon’s bedroom lush and elegant?

via Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design


According to his website, Nathan’s store has become an expression of his years traveling, and is a faithful source for the country’s leading interior designers, as well as some of the most stylish individuals from coast to coast.

I love the lantern hanging from the bed….

Interior Design by Nathan Turner


Jeffey Alan Marks focuses on clean lines and classic style.

Love the boat hanging from the ceiling!

via Elle Decor

Jeffrey designed the well-known Tavern restaurant in Los Angeles–

Tavern restaurant in Los Angeles


Kathryn’s look has been described as comfortable, bohemian, and family friendly with large doses of color and a lack of orthodoxy. Elle Decor dubbed it seat-of-the-pants chic.

This room looks so comfortable, yet every inch is completely decorated and considered. No detail has been missed.

via Veranda


via Veranda


Every week you can see the different homes they are working on– the various celebrities they are working with– and not only enjoy good reality tv, but also get great decorating inspiration…

“MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS” airs on Bravo on Tuesdays at 10:00pm.

Have you seen the show?  What do you think?  Who is your favorite?  I’d love to know.




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