Since my children are at Sleep Away Camp and immersed in “Color War” right now, you could say that I have “Color War” on the brain.  For the kids, it is all about which color team will prove victorious after days of rivalry, but in terms of decor it always go back to the same age old question….  Should we create an all white, clean and serene space or should we create a room with lots of color for warmth and brightness?


Ahhh, there is nothing like an all white room…

This room below is so elegant and glamorous– this is my kind of room…

via Pinterest

While others are so calm and peaceful…

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I absolutely love this bar, it is so simple but perfect.

via Christina Murphy Interiors



There is lots of fun to be had with color….

via House Beautiful designed by Miles Redd

Is this center island not incredible?

via House Beautiful designed by Diamond and Baratta

Look at that chair fabric… I may be obsessed!

Designed by Massucco Warner Miller

What a fun bed!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I absolutley love this room designed by Christina Murphy Interiors and especially the chair fabric from the Phillip Gorrivan Collection for Duralee’s Highland Court.

via Christina Murphy Interiors

via Christina Murphy Interiors

It’s a Tug of War for me…. I love color and lots of it in a home, but there is also nothing like an all white kitchen or bathroom….  Only way to win for me would be two homes (I’m such a diplomat)…..  What do you think?  Which do you like better for your home?  I’d love to know…



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One Response to COLOR WAR

  1. Karin Greenberg says:

    Love the clever color war analogy :) Those white rooms are so peaceful and elegant; and I feel like I would never be in a bad mood in those green and blue kitchens!

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