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I know many of you have asked me why you stopped receiving the blog— you haven’t, I just haven’t written in a while and I apologize….  got very busy with my Interior Design business and admittedly was enjoying the Summer a little too much.  But, I am back now, school is back in session and so am I.

Unfortunately, I must start off with a complaint….  I really tried not to talk about the Missoni for Target situation.  I, like many others, woke up early on September 13th to try to buy those great items for my home and my clients (actually, I even waited up until 12:05 am the night before to see if they put them on after Midnight– they did not).  Then I logged on at about 6:50 am and filled up a cart of home goods for myself and my clients.  After about 20 items, Target told me that my cart was too full and I must check out, which I did with a confirmed order.  I then went to purchase a few more items for my clients when the site crashed with my cart full!  UGH!!!   So….. then I went to the nearest Target store as soon as I could (about 9.00 am).  My first indication that things would be bad was two women outside loading up a minivan filled with about five of every type of item from clothing to luggage…. can you say selling on Ebay??  Went inside anyway only to see empty racks that looked like looters had hit the building, not even an empty hanger to be found.  So, the people selling on ebay have clearly ruined this great concept of getting a high-end designer look for low prices for everyone….. but so has Target.  Now I love Missoni and I love Target,, but this was not the best handled situation.  Obviously there should have been more items on the shelves and clearly the website should have been able to handle the demand after all the money they put into advertising these items and creating the hype….  But that’s not all.  I can understand too much demand to a degree and even the ebayers trying to make a living, but here’s when I got really mad….

So, if you remember, I did have a confirmed order that was placed about 7:00am that morning.  I took the time to go on, pick things out, pay and confirm my order… all should be well in the world.  NOT!!  The next night I get an email from my good friend Target…. informing me that they have limited quantities of one of the items that I bought, a vase (of course it was one for me personally and not a client)

"almost" my vase- Missoni for Target table vase

…..and since I bought too many items “in their opinion,” they decided to cancel my order for this item– blaming me for buying too much but it was actually because they had limited quantity.  Again for clarification, they ran out of the item after I had a confirmed order and since I am such a good customer and because I bought so many things (which is usually a good thing in the retail world as far as I know — and usually provides me with extra benefits as a customer), they were penalizing me by cancelling my confirmed order for this particular item.  I get it, better to give it to someone who didn’t buy as much??  In what retail store is the better customer punished for too much spending?  Usually, I will be offered a discount, rebate or a gift card when I spend a lot of money in one store.  Not Target– there, if you are a good customer you will be penalized for their lack of supply. HUH?

So… that was pretty annoying, certainly not the end of the world and I will certainly survive without that vase… and in the end, I will still shop at Target and Missoni, but I’m just saying….

What do you think?  I’d love to know…





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4 Responses to I’m Just Saying….

  1. rachelle says:

    I am just saying…this is the funniest thing I ever read. How about your clueless friend (me) went to Target to fill a prescription. Imagine the thrill when I saw the Missoni racks. I actually debated whether or not it was fabulously chic or totally uncool to consider wearing Missoni from Target. I walked over to the racks and thought it was weird that Missoni put Mossimo labels in their clothing line. Decided to drop off my prescription fIrst and revisit. On my way back, I saw Missoni for the home. Wow-I need a new comforter and was totally confident that my bedroom certainly was worthy of Target bedding. Again, I found it odd that Missoni put Thomas something or other on their labels. Luckily, my prescriptIon was ready and I needed to get home. Boy would I have felt stupid if I purchased all that stuff and read this today!! Btw… Give me a personal heads up when you here more of it is on the way :)

  2. Karin Greenberg says:

    I had a bad feeling about it from the second I heard about Missoni for Target! At least one good thing came out of it–this hilarious story!!

  3. carrie says:

    I knew we were made from the same mold!
    I too went on at 12:01 am. I did not stay up for the sale, bedtime is 1-1:30, but I thought I was so clever. I had to have the glass bowl. Never even thought about all of the other items. Next morning I woke up early, by 7 am I had already lost 2 full carts but at 7:09 I hit submit with a smile and target sent me my confirmation. Didnt know it crashed until much later. Who knows if i will ever receive anything. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if I actually get my order, I am going to be pissed about not getting the bikini top!!

  4. Jenny alembik says:

    Had a similar experience. Crazy! And disappointed as well.

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