My First Guest Post… Striking Rooms with Black Walls

I was very excited to receive Arcadian Home Decor’s request for a guest post and I want to thank the great team at Arcadian Home Decor for Leffstyle’s first guest post below…



Hi there! I’m Jenn and I write for Arcadian Home Decor, which is an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor ideas around the world. I have always been a fan of antiques, daybeds, lace, and chandeliers, and I’ve been writing about interior design for more than a decade. My mornings begin with a big cup of coffee in my yellow mug and searching the net for inspiring websites, like, where the posts offer a wide range of stylish ideas. Thanks to Cindy for letting me guest post here today!

Black is a color that most people shy away from when it comes to painting a wall however its deep dramatic hue also make it the most striking choice. When used in a “smart” way in home decorating it can create visual impact and really pack a stylish punch. Here are eight striking rooms with black walls to fall in love with.

Black on black

Rooms With Black Walls

It may be surprising to put a black dresser in front of a black wall but the look is seamless. The colourful seashell wall art helps break up the starkness.

A lighter shade of black

Rooms With Black Walls

This greyish-black isn’t overwhelming because of the white ceiling and pop of hot pink. The light fixtures also keep this living room from feeling too dark.

Elegant black

Rooms With Black Walls

A dining room is a striking room with black walls – it looks refined when paired with opulent crystal table decor as well as gold detailing.

A black accent

Rooms With Black Walls

Black is less daunting when it’s applied to a simple accent wall – here, the black backdrop provides the perfect amount of drama behind a black and white fabric headboard.

Blacks with antiques

Rooms With Black Walls

This striking room with black walls looks more intimate and cozy with the dark shade – antique furniture and a fireplace provide the perfect details.

Back to black

Rooms With Black Walls

The back of this long galley kitchen features a black wall flanked by colorful red, orange, and yellow glass bottles for an interesting juxtaposition between monochromatic and the playful.

Black is exotic

Rooms With Black Walls

An eclectic living room filled with unique artifacts and conversation pieces which are brought to the forefront in this striking room with black walls.

Dressed in black

Rooms With Black Walls

Another galley-style kitchen, this one really optimizes the dramatic qualities of black by using it on the walls, backsplash, and countertops.

Don’t forget to check out Arcadian Home Decor for more black accent home decor and accessories!

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Thanks Jenn– I too, love to create drama in a room with dark walls and I love the contrast of black and white in a room on walls, fabrics and furniture…
Hope you all enjoyed Jenn’s post.
Let me know what you think… I’d love to know…





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2 Responses to My First Guest Post… Striking Rooms with Black Walls

  1. Jamie Jacobsen says:

    I really enjoyed Jenn’s post.
    We will be moving to the suburbs soon and ao my radar for ‘new ‘ ideas is on.
    I always loved dark walls – currently my master BR is white with a sitting area with chocolate brown walls which I love!
    I would never have considered black But I think it looks fabulous.
    I love it in the kitchens!

  2. Karin Greenberg says:

    I would never think to put black on a wall but these rooms are incredible. There’s something grounding about the black background–it reminds me of the sky on a clear, dark night. My favorite is the greyish-black one with the hot pink table–very warm and cozy!

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