The incredible homes and designs featured in Elle Decor’s November 2011 issue have basically left me speechless (that sounds nicer than drooling right?)–  take a look at some of the incredible rooms with very bold and unique design styles….

The library of a Manhattan apartment designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts with architecture by Oscar Shamamian-– lacquered in a custom purple color—–

Designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts, with architecture by Oscar Shamamian.

The entranceway of that same Manhattan apartment– look at the doors custom made out of stainless steel and lacquer—— they are absolutely incredible!

The dining room—  The fireplace surround is made of antiqued-mirror panels, the glass moldings were originally designed by Dorothy Draper for the Hampshire House–  I just love it!!!  It is so elegant in a very understated way.

The wife’s dressing room lacquered in a custom lavender color and trimmed in either chrome or stainless steel, I am not sure which, but either way the detailing is magnificent!


Another Manhattan residence featured in Elle Decor that caught my eye was designed by Robery Couturier and was inspired by French design…

You know how I feel about orange— Hello Orange!  What a unique room!

Designed by Robery Couturier

Look at this elegant entranceway…. so many interesting details…

Entrance hall


Did you get any great ideas from any of these rooms? I did….  I’d love to know how you were inspired….



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