Update and Words to Live By…

As a follow up to my Missoni for Target situation, I thought it was only fair to report that I recently received a $25 Target gift card in the mail from Target as an apology for cancelling multiple items in my order.  Not sure that makes up for all the aggravation, but I will happily use it..

As the weekend is upon us, I thought I would share some great words of wisdom that I found on Pinterest from Paloma Contreras who is the founder of one of my favorite style blogs La Dolce Vita.  I love Paloma’s style and her flair for just about everything….


via Pinterest


via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

and finally…..

via Pinterest

Ok, so it must be five o’clock somewhere— time for a Margarita!

Have a great weekend!






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I love to hear about young people with a passion….  I find that most young people these days like to dabble in a lit bit of everything and do not focus on one real interest.  That is why when I read the New York Times article about Sam Perry Allen I was so impressed. Sam Perry Allen is a 19 year old that became passionate about interior design at age 12. It was then that he began working “unofficially” in his local home design store Dovecote,  at age 15  he actually became a paid employee at the store and by 17  was being hired as an interior designer for a 7,000 square foot home and more.

After reading this article, I was so impressed by this young man I tried to find out more about him and found his website Sam Allen Interiors.  His eye for style and interior design work is incredible– just take a look at some of his projects:

We share a love of orange…..


and the West Elm Parsons desk....

via samalleninteriors.com

and the all white kitchen…

via samalleninteriors.com

and personalization and turquoise… and of course orange again….

via samalleninteriors

via samalleninteriors.com

and clean, sleek design with lots of books….


I have a feeling you will be hearing the name Sam Allen alot in the future.  I know I will be following and admiring his career.  Would you hire a 19 year old to design your home? If it was Sam Allen, I know I would….  What do you think?  I’d love to know.



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Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Take time to enjoy your family on this special day and be grateful for all the good things in your life!  I am so grateful for my amazing family and friends!

As you get ready for your Thanksgiving dinner please enjoy these unique and beautiful Thanksgiving table settings and centerpieces….

via HGTV.com


via housebeautiful.com

via countryliving.com

via countryliving.com

via marthastewart.com

Happy Turkey!



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The incredible homes and designs featured in Elle Decor’s November 2011 issue have basically left me speechless (that sounds nicer than drooling right?)–  take a look at some of the incredible rooms with very bold and unique design styles….

The library of a Manhattan apartment designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts with architecture by Oscar Shamamian-– lacquered in a custom purple color—–

Designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts, with architecture by Oscar Shamamian.

The entranceway of that same Manhattan apartment– look at the doors custom made out of stainless steel and lacquer—— they are absolutely incredible!

The dining room—  The fireplace surround is made of antiqued-mirror panels, the glass moldings were originally designed by Dorothy Draper for the Hampshire House–  I just love it!!!  It is so elegant in a very understated way.

The wife’s dressing room lacquered in a custom lavender color and trimmed in either chrome or stainless steel, I am not sure which, but either way the detailing is magnificent!


Another Manhattan residence featured in Elle Decor that caught my eye was designed by Robery Couturier and was inspired by French design…

You know how I feel about orange— Hello Orange!  What a unique room!

Designed by Robery Couturier

Look at this elegant entranceway…. so many interesting details…

Entrance hall


Did you get any great ideas from any of these rooms? I did….  I’d love to know how you were inspired….



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Schumacher has recently introduced some amazing new designs in wallcoverings.  The textures are what make these wallcoverings stand out from the rest.  You have to actually see and touch them in person to understand how incredible they really are… however, here is a taste of a just a few…


Greek Key Sisal in Jet


Crocodile Wallpaper in Java


Snakeskin Wallpaper in Graphite


Chevron Texture Wallpaper in Sable


These wallcoverings come in other colors and are a great way to enhance any room.  They are not big and bold patterns, but a subtle addition to any room that adds a lot of “Wow!”

What do you think?  Would you put any of these wallcoverings in your home?  In which room?  I’d love to know…



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My First Guest Post… Striking Rooms with Black Walls

I was very excited to receive Arcadian Home Decor’s request for a guest post and I want to thank the great team at Arcadian Home Decor for Leffstyle’s first guest post below…



Hi there! I’m Jenn and I write for Arcadian Home Decor, which is an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor ideas around the world. I have always been a fan of antiques, daybeds, lace, and chandeliers, and I’ve been writing about interior design for more than a decade. My mornings begin with a big cup of coffee in my yellow mug and searching the net for inspiring websites, like Leffstyle.com, where the posts offer a wide range of stylish ideas. Thanks to Cindy for letting me guest post here today!

Black is a color that most people shy away from when it comes to painting a wall however its deep dramatic hue also make it the most striking choice. When used in a “smart” way in home decorating it can create visual impact and really pack a stylish punch. Here are eight striking rooms with black walls to fall in love with.

Black on black

Rooms With Black Walls

It may be surprising to put a black dresser in front of a black wall but the look is seamless. The colourful seashell wall art helps break up the starkness.

A lighter shade of black

Rooms With Black Walls

This greyish-black isn’t overwhelming because of the white ceiling and pop of hot pink. The light fixtures also keep this living room from feeling too dark.

Elegant black

Rooms With Black Walls

A dining room is a striking room with black walls – it looks refined when paired with opulent crystal table decor as well as gold detailing.

A black accent

Rooms With Black Walls

Black is less daunting when it’s applied to a simple accent wall – here, the black backdrop provides the perfect amount of drama behind a black and white fabric headboard.

Blacks with antiques

Rooms With Black Walls

This striking room with black walls looks more intimate and cozy with the dark shade – antique furniture and a fireplace provide the perfect details.

Back to black

Rooms With Black Walls

The back of this long galley kitchen features a black wall flanked by colorful red, orange, and yellow glass bottles for an interesting juxtaposition between monochromatic and the playful.

Black is exotic

Rooms With Black Walls

An eclectic living room filled with unique artifacts and conversation pieces which are brought to the forefront in this striking room with black walls.

Dressed in black

Rooms With Black Walls

Another galley-style kitchen, this one really optimizes the dramatic qualities of black by using it on the walls, backsplash, and countertops.

Don’t forget to check out Arcadian Home Decor for more black accent home decor and accessories!

Images: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

Thanks Jenn– I too, love to create drama in a room with dark walls and I love the contrast of black and white in a room on walls, fabrics and furniture…
Hope you all enjoyed Jenn’s post.
Let me know what you think… I’d love to know…





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I’m Just Saying….


I know many of you have asked me why you stopped receiving the blog— you haven’t, I just haven’t written in a while and I apologize….  got very busy with my Interior Design business and admittedly was enjoying the Summer a little too much.  But, I am back now, school is back in session and so am I.

Unfortunately, I must start off with a complaint….  I really tried not to talk about the Missoni for Target situation.  I, like many others, woke up early on September 13th to try to buy those great items for my home and my clients (actually, I even waited up until 12:05 am the night before to see if they put them on after Midnight– they did not).  Then I logged on at about 6:50 am and filled up a cart of home goods for myself and my clients.  After about 20 items, Target told me that my cart was too full and I must check out, which I did with a confirmed order.  I then went to purchase a few more items for my clients when the site crashed with my cart full!  UGH!!!   So….. then I went to the nearest Target store as soon as I could (about 9.00 am).  My first indication that things would be bad was two women outside loading up a minivan filled with about five of every type of item from clothing to luggage…. can you say selling on Ebay??  Went inside anyway only to see empty racks that looked like looters had hit the building, not even an empty hanger to be found.  So, the people selling on ebay have clearly ruined this great concept of getting a high-end designer look for low prices for everyone….. but so has Target.  Now I love Missoni and I love Target,, but this was not the best handled situation.  Obviously there should have been more items on the shelves and clearly the website should have been able to handle the demand after all the money they put into advertising these items and creating the hype….  But that’s not all.  I can understand too much demand to a degree and even the ebayers trying to make a living, but here’s when I got really mad….

So, if you remember, I did have a confirmed order that was placed about 7:00am that morning.  I took the time to go on, pick things out, pay and confirm my order… all should be well in the world.  NOT!!  The next night I get an email from my good friend Target…. informing me that they have limited quantities of one of the items that I bought, a vase (of course it was one for me personally and not a client)

"almost" my vase- Missoni for Target table vase

…..and since I bought too many items “in their opinion,” they decided to cancel my order for this item– blaming me for buying too much but it was actually because they had limited quantity.  Again for clarification, they ran out of the item after I had a confirmed order and since I am such a good customer and because I bought so many things (which is usually a good thing in the retail world as far as I know — and usually provides me with extra benefits as a customer), they were penalizing me by cancelling my confirmed order for this particular item.  I get it, better to give it to someone who didn’t buy as much??  In what retail store is the better customer punished for too much spending?  Usually, I will be offered a discount, rebate or a gift card when I spend a lot of money in one store.  Not Target– there, if you are a good customer you will be penalized for their lack of supply. HUH?

So… that was pretty annoying, certainly not the end of the world and I will certainly survive without that vase… and in the end, I will still shop at Target and Missoni, but I’m just saying….

What do you think?  I’d love to know…





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Since my children are at Sleep Away Camp and immersed in “Color War” right now, you could say that I have “Color War” on the brain.  For the kids, it is all about which color team will prove victorious after days of rivalry, but in terms of decor it always go back to the same age old question….  Should we create an all white, clean and serene space or should we create a room with lots of color for warmth and brightness?


Ahhh, there is nothing like an all white room…

This room below is so elegant and glamorous– this is my kind of room…

via Pinterest

While others are so calm and peaceful…

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I absolutely love this bar, it is so simple but perfect.

via Christina Murphy Interiors



There is lots of fun to be had with color….

via House Beautiful designed by Miles Redd

Is this center island not incredible?

via House Beautiful designed by Diamond and Baratta

Look at that chair fabric… I may be obsessed!

Designed by Massucco Warner Miller

What a fun bed!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I absolutley love this room designed by Christina Murphy Interiors and especially the chair fabric from the Phillip Gorrivan Collection for Duralee’s Highland Court.

via Christina Murphy Interiors

via Christina Murphy Interiors

It’s a Tug of War for me…. I love color and lots of it in a home, but there is also nothing like an all white kitchen or bathroom….  Only way to win for me would be two homes (I’m such a diplomat)…..  What do you think?  Which do you like better for your home?  I’d love to know…



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Sometimes no decor does the trick…

Ok, so I admit it- I have been blogging on “Summer Hours”– I will try to pick up the pace a bit…  but no promises…

Anyway, as much as I love beautiful spaces with lavish design and style, often my favorite places have very little to do with elaborate design and more to do with their location and “vibe.”  There is nothing better than eating outdoors on a beautiful day especially out East on Long Island in the Summer.  All you need is great food, great music, great drinks and sunshine—- and you have it all!

Here are some of my favorite places….

The Hideway in Montauk

After spending many Summers in Amagansett and Montauk, I finally found the Hideaway this year— it is a hidden little casual restaurant at a Marina in Montauk (there is not even a sign outside) and it has FABULOUS Mexican food and great Margaritas!  I love how low-key and sneaky it is– you order your drinks at the bar, you order your food at the register, you eat on paper plates with plastic utensils and yet there is just something about it that makes you feel happy and at home.   It is one of my new favorite places!

The Hideaway is located at Diamond Cove Marina: 364 West Lake Drive, Montauk, NY 11954

Cyril’s Fish House

My family and I have been going to Cyril’s for years– it is a tradition that marks that Summer has finally arrived.  Cyril Fitzsimons is the owner of the famous Cyril’s Fish House located literally along Montauk Highway.  He has a long white beard, usually wears a sarong and is always found sitting at a table in the front of his restaurant—- he is happy to greet and high-five kids when they come to say hello. Cyril’s is an outdoor restaurant with just umbrella tables and chairs and you can go straight from the beach for lunch, happy hour or dinner.  Cyril’s plays great reggae music, makes great tropical drinks (their BBC with a floater is famous) and  has seafood with a Caribbean flair.  The food is good and is perfect for a lobster roll or steamers fix, but the reason to go is the great atmosphere— it just feels like Summer when you are there.  You just cannot be in a bad mood at Cyril’s.

Cyril’s is located at 2167 Montauk Highway, Amagansett, NY 11930


East of Amagansett, West Of Montauk- on the Highway

Another one of my favorite places is the Clam Bar.  There is no decor, it is just tables and chairs and a snack bar also located right along Montauk Highway.  The seafood is amazing– they make the best popcorn shrimp and fried clam strips in the world and a fantastic lobster salad served in a tomato.  Of course they are also known for their lobster roll and other great seafood choices.  Part of the allure is the cars zipping along Montauk Highway as you eat and the occasional runner or biker going by.  Once again, with little in terms of decor (there is none)—-the atmosphere is created by the sunshine, good food and location.

Clam Bar is located at 2025 Montauk Highway, Amagansett, NY 11930

Clam bar


Hope you enjoy!

Please let me know if you go, I’d love to know….




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Have you seen Million Dollar Decorators?



Obviously I love decorating…so of course I am addicted to the new Bravo show “MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS.”  The show follows five very famous interior designers as they design and create for their very wealthy and often extremely famous clients.  The designers are Mary McDonald, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Nathan Turner, Kathryn Ireland and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.  They are all celebrated interior designers that are often featured in the press and all have their own individual product lines.  They all have very BIG personalities and are extremely entertaining!   It is so much fun is to be a voyeur into the multi-million dollar homes they decorate and to see the before and after transformations.  Personally, it is also fun to imagine decorating with such large budgets.  Often these designers have carte-blanche to design and spend as their clients have complete trust in them and budgets are not a real concern ($1,000,000-$2,000,000 on furnishings— oooooohhhh that would be a dream job for me!!)  I love to spend other people’s money!













Here is a sampling of their amazing style and work——


According to her website, Mary McDonald’s style combines old-fashioned elegance with a modern sensibility resulting in a fearless, joyful exuberance. Her ability to combine bold patterns, Chinoiserie, and Indian influences with contemporary lines and an impeccable sense of color has established her signature style.

I would have to say that of all the designers on the show, Mary’s style is my favorite and the most like the interior design style that I favor– glamour with pops of fun!  I often admire her work and look to her designs for inspiration in my own work.

Remember my post about Chevron– well take a look at this Chevron floor— isn’t it fabulous?  Like wallpaper for the floor– I love it!!!


via Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo


And hello Orange– I love the way Mary puts things together!  Orange and zebra, what can be better?

via marymcdonaldinc.com

Mary is the ultimate in Hollywood Glamour—  too much is never enough!  This bedroom is incredible– whimsical and glamorous at the same time!

via Marymcdonaldinc.com

I love everything about this room– from the drapes to the David Hicks (La Fiorentina) fabric pillows on the upholstered chairs to the Chinoisserie chairs with the red patent leather seats…. not one detail was missed….

via Marymcdonaldinc.com



Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is renowned for his broad range of styles and eclectic, sophisticated yet always comfortable interiors.

I could just melt into this couch and room….  I love everything he did in Tamara Mellon’s (the Founder and President of Jimmy Choo) New York City ($30,000,000) apartment.  As much as I said that Mary McDonald’s style is my favorite, Martyn’s is a very close second.

Tamara Mellon's apartment via Harpers Bazaar


Isn’t Tamara Mellon’s bedroom lush and elegant?

via Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design


According to his website, Nathan’s store has become an expression of his years traveling, and is a faithful source for the country’s leading interior designers, as well as some of the most stylish individuals from coast to coast.

I love the lantern hanging from the bed….

Interior Design by Nathan Turner


Jeffey Alan Marks focuses on clean lines and classic style.

Love the boat hanging from the ceiling!

via Elle Decor

Jeffrey designed the well-known Tavern restaurant in Los Angeles–

Tavern restaurant in Los Angeles


Kathryn’s look has been described as comfortable, bohemian, and family friendly with large doses of color and a lack of orthodoxy. Elle Decor dubbed it seat-of-the-pants chic.

This room looks so comfortable, yet every inch is completely decorated and considered. No detail has been missed.

via Veranda


via Veranda


Every week you can see the different homes they are working on– the various celebrities they are working with– and not only enjoy good reality tv, but also get great decorating inspiration…

“MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS” airs on Bravo on Tuesdays at 10:00pm.

Have you seen the show?  What do you think?  Who is your favorite?  I’d love to know.




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