Ok I am back…. Sorry I have not posted in a while—- been very busy getting my kids ready for Summer Camp and finishing up the school year…..  Anyway, I finally had a few minutes and was looking at interior designer Molly Luetkemeyer’s webite and blog (which are both fabulous)— and I saw this room which brought me back to my youth.  When I became a teenager I had my bedroom redone from multi-colored flowers and gingham to pink, turquoise and black– I loved that room more than anything!  The walls were a pale baby pink with a bold turquoise and black graphic linear design painted on the walls with a big round mirror in the center (see I always liked things a little out of the box).  My mom painted it herself– and I thought it was soooo cool!

Anyway, you do not see a lot of graphic designs on walls these days that do not look outdated and 80’s until now…. Check out what Molly did in this Bel Air home.  I love the pattern and the unusual mix of color on the walls—- and if you notice, the furniture is very simple and easy.  The paint makes the room and I also love the pillow (and how the backgammon game is perfectly placed and matches the room exactly)!!!  To me this is just so retro chic and certainly gives a “wow” to a room.

While this mural is quite extensive, it is not that hard to do on a smaller scale, either by yourself or by a professional and it really adds a lot of style to any room.

What do you think?  Would you ever do something this bold in your home?  I’d love to know….



p.s.  little tidbit– Molly is the sister of Julie Bowen, who plays Claire on the tv show “Modern Family”— very talented family!!


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I found these two other closets I absolutely love and had to share them as they may actually be my favorites…

This one seems to really have it all– the open visibility, the white gorgeous cabinetry and drawers, the chandelier, mirrored accents, center island, a place for photos, a place to sit  and lots and lots of room… (and clothes)– it is so glamorous and perfect!

via Pinterest

I also absolutely love this one below– it is different from all the others I posted as it has wallpaper and looks like an old Hollywood dressing room.  I love the femininity, the window treatments, the seating, the visibility of the clothing and I adore the mirrored desk/dressing table.  The wallpaper happens to be one of my favorites from Osborne and Little ( Volte Face) and even though it is a pattern, it does not distract from the clothing as it is muted in color like the other fabrics.  In this room, you can actually imagine trying on outfits –with a friend sitting on the couch providing opinions.  Or putting on make-up at the dressing table while your child adoringly admires your technique.  Simply perfect!

via Pinterest design by Mary McDonald

So many good options to choose from, but I am really loving these two…. realistically if I were to have a fabulous closet in my home, I have a feeling it would look more like Mary McDonald’s than than the others.  I would have a hard time not adding some Hollywood elements and wallpaper and the all white look would be a lot of pressure to keep absolutely neat and organized at all times.  But then again I love the clean all white look with all of the moulding and cabinetry…. I just don’t know…I go back and forth but that’s ok because I’m still dreaming….

What would you do?  I’d love to know…




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Dream Closets!


I admit it…. I have closet envy!


I love my clothes and shoes and I hope to one day have a really fabulous closet that is a focal point or extension of my master bedroom, but for now I just admire others….

I love, love, love closets that are like rooms that showcase your wardrobe and shoes and make getting dressed easy and fun!  We spend so much time getting dressed and choosing what to wear, it would be so nice to have a closet that we love to spend time in, can linger in, actually enjoy—-Some also put their make-up and jewelry on in their closets as well….

I too would choose this closet over a ring from Mr. Big as Carrie Bradshaw did in the Sex and the City movie—  This closet is amazing and better than a diamond…. I think every woman in the movie theater gasped when those doors opened…





















Looking at this picture of Carrie’s closet (via almost makes me lightheaded its so gorgeous– I can hear the choir in the background singing (“AHHHHHH”).  It is the perfect combination of visible hanging spaces, closed drawers and room for shoes…. and I love the shiny clean white flooring and the mirrored hardware (and mirrored strips around the drawers– simly ingenious!!).  The all white decor is perfect and clean so it cannot distract from the patterns and colors of the clothing.

If you cannot have Carrie’s exact closet, but would like the mirrored handles, you can find the same ones as in the movie Sex and the City and other great choices at Handles and hardware are a great, simple and reasonable way to update closets, cabinetry and furniture and make a great statement in a room.  You can also glam up any closet by hanging a chandelier from the ceiling, putting vintage or family photos on the walls and picking a pretty paint color or wallpaper– it does not have to be huge to make it glamorous or special.




I also love these handles….










Mariah Carey’s closet below (via is also all white and a perfect showcase for her extensive collection of clothes and shoes….  It is so vast and elegant.  I love the moulding, the floor, the chandelier and how the clothes are arranged in aisles like a fine department store (notice the single highlighted piece hanging in the front of each aisle)…..  Amazing!

Mariah Carey's closet via

Christina Aguilera’s closet is pretty funky with the leopard carpet, red curtains and chandelier and pink ladder– I also love the pink settee (I’d love to know what is on the other side of the curtains).  I would love to be able to see all of my shoes and clothes when deciding what to wear- sometimes when something is buried in the back you forget about it.  Although it is always nice to rediscover a long forgotten favorite item…













The below was designed by Mary McGee and Creative Closetworks for Young Hollywood Home at the Pacific Design Center– what I love about this closet is that it actually seems attainable for a real “non-celebrity” person– it is not fancy, but very large and I love the use of the furniture pieces (especially the mirrored desk) scattered around the room and the open shelving for visibility.  It is important to have somewhere to sit when putting on heels and boots- and the center island is nice to arrange accessories.

Massucco Warner Miller


I think the detailing and the fretwork on this closet is so beautiful; however, it has too much closed cabinetry for me personally, as I need to see everything.  If I can’t see it, I do not remember to wear it!

Some people may prefer all closed cabinetry as it always looks neat and can hide any disorganization…





The closet below is just incredible– the mirrors, the moulding, the lighting and the fretwork  is so glamorous– it makes for such an fabulous dressing room.  While the cabinetry is all closed, I do like the way the door open for visibility.  I also love the mirrored vanity and stool.  It is so feminine and lovely– I would have to have a girls-night cocktail party in this room just to show it off!




via Traditional Home
Antonio Martins, Antonio Martins Interior Design


What do you think of these closets?  What type do you like?  I’d love to know.



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I read other fashion, style and design blogs all the time and am always inspired in so many ways— usually about how to decorate a room, what to wear or where to go…. However, this past weekend I read the post below by Erin Gates on her  Elements of Style blog and it just blew me away (she kindly let me share this post with all of you).  I KNOW you will all feel the same after reading this as there are so many emotions that she shares that we all have felt and continue to feel at one time or another in our lives .  I know that I have had many similar conversations with my own friends- and we all have hidden the dreaded photo or event that can take us back to a moment in time in a flash….  Usually only our best girlfriends can understand this, but Erin nails all of the feelings so beautifully!!  I applaud Erin for her honesty and bravery and hope it means as much to you as it meant to me.

p.s.– Erin also has many other great style and design posts too so definitely check out Elements of Style sometime.

Here it is:


Fashion Friday: On Beauty

June 3rd, 2011

As I stood in the horrific light of the Gap dressing room yesterday trying on several bikinis I had a bit of a meltdown. After spotting one of them on a lithe, tan model in one of my many, many magazines I devour monthly (and being fresh off a sweat inducing yoga class and self-tanned to a decent color) I felt like I was ready for a little bikini try on time. You have to be “ready” to try on bathing suits, not in a “post-cheeseburger-pasty-white-and-pissed-off” mood. Like many women, I struggle fiercely with self-esteem. I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a very long time, but always feared what people would think (hello-self esteem 101, Erin) and if I could possibly put into words the incredibly complex emotions I feel about the importance placed on beauty these days and my personal relationship with my looks.  If I keep waiting for the perfect sentence and the perfect time, I will never write it. So here we are and here I go. No little outfits for you today, just deep thoughts….

I was not a cute adolescent. People who did not know me then like to argue with me on this. Let me assure you I was not. Let me assure you even further still with this assault on your eyeballs:

Me in fifth grade, I believe.

I’ll give you a minute to take it all in while I go wretch in a trashcan about the fact that I just posted that on the freaking internet for all the world (and my ex-boyfriends) to see.  But hey, Tina Fey put her not-so-flattering middle school photo on the back cover of her best-selling book (the whole thing an inspiration and a half to me, by the way) so I’m in good self-deprecating company. Where shall I begin? The walrus teeth? The unibrow? The extraordinary mullet topped off by the world’s ugliest headband? Or perhaps the collision of chubbiness and my spectacular 80’s clothing (I wore that sweatshirt in TWO professional photos that year, TWO!)  My mother still insists I was “cuuuuute” while my dad is more realistic in saying “people will think you’ve had plastic surgery.”  There are even worse pictures, one specifically involving a Debbie Gibson hat, brocade vest/plaid shirt combo and crash zoom lens- but I must have lit it on fire. Or perhaps it spontaneously combust from it’s own revulsion of itself.  Even my husband, who is the first to pay me lavish compliments, looks at photos from this era and stifles a laugh and thanks Baby Jesus I “matured”.

Want to know the funny thing though?  At this age I thought I was the shit. I believe I even told my mom I wanted to be a teen model and made her take “modeling” shots of me.  My confidence knew no bounds, and my mom deserves an Oscar for not dying of laughter while clicking away as I tried to get that mullet to flow in the breeze. I never thought about calories, clothing size, comparing myself to other girls or clearly waxing (even though I was more Teen Wolf than “teen model” material).  I wouldn’t think twice when absolutely crushing a Croissantwich at Burger King on Sunday mornings (as in every Sunday).  Or fret when I needed to go up a size in my Limited Too cranberry colored jeans. I was “me”, and there was no other “me” out there so why would I be worried? Appearance, beyond copying Blossom’s illustrious fashions, was not of the up most importance.  Puffy Painting everything within my grasp and finding my brother the perfect bridesmaids outfit to go with my dress up wedding gown were of more concern.

And one day things changed, and I don’t really know why or how. I could “blame the media” or my genetics or social pressure (there’s only so many times you can not be asked to dance by a boy at a school function until it starts hurting and changing you), but I can’t pinpoint a specific “a-ha” moment or traumatic taunt by a peer, but all of the sudden I started to worry, compare and diet.  I began to try to “fix” myself  and once it started, it spread through me like a flame on an oil slick.  I began to hate my body, hate my face, hate that I wasn’t cool, hate that I felt invisible, hate that I wasn’t perfect.  And that hatred fueled a near-death battle with anorexia that left me a ravaged shell of skin and bones and locked up in a mental hospital insisting I looked normal and that everyone ELSE was crazy. The hard part to explain (and fathom) was that I did think I looked totally fine and I did think that eating 250 calories a day was totally healthy.  At 5’9” and 95 pounds I assure you I looked anything BUT healthy (more “Crypt Keeper body double”-ish).

But this is where and when my Body Dysmorphic Disorder developed and I now have to admit, it’s never left (cut to me in the dressing room yesterday).  Recently I was asked to contribute to a great book by Aimee Liu about recovering from eating disorders and while reading it I realized in all honesty I am still not out of the woods. I feel so far less confident and happy with how I look now then when I was that pudgy little buck-toothed girl of twelve but I’m not sick like I was either. Inside I am still the girl no one asked to dance and I will always be no matter how much the outside of me changes. I assumed that the BDD had been beat alongside the anorexia, like two evil culprits linked arm in arm, skulking off in the night.  But these things do not exist exclusively together, one of them can linger and even hide for a while, only to resurface when it senses the slightest chink in the armor. So while I now eat with abandon, I still hate looking in the mirror because I cannot do it without the fiercest of criticism.  The reflection I see is vastly different from what others see- something many doctors have corroborated.  And the hardest part is that people think this is a case of false modesty or fishing for compliments, when really it comes from a far darker, sadder place.  I’ve turned down TV shows for this reason, shied away from photo-shoots and stopped posting the “What I’m Wearing” segment I know a lot of you liked.  The added attention placed on how I look sent me many, many steps back in my life-long goal of self-acceptance and valuing the internal over the external. It’s frustrating for those who care about me, and it’s torture for me to live with.  But I AM working on it. And I hope that someday not only will I like what I see, but more importantly, I WON’T CARE.

Not everyone has such an extreme relationship with their appearance, but I have yet to meet a woman 100% confident in every inch of their bodies or faces- just look at the money being made on cosmetics, creams, procedures and diets and make-over T shows.  Some of the most beautiful, famous women in the world have lower than low self-esteem- probably because once you’ve become “known” as beautiful, having to maintain that and feeling like it’s importance is so intertwined with your self-worth must be scary; especially in today’s society in which so much value is placed on outside appearances (“plastic surgery for EVERYONE!!!!”).  I know that so many people have issues with themselves they may not like to acknowledge or talk about with others.  But admitting them is the first step to overcoming them- so here I am, posting the picture that my family used to joke would be excellent fodder for UsWeekly if I ever became famous in an attempt to hold myself accountable to be stronger and work harder.

But you know what, I am grateful I went through that awkward phase, if only because it served as inspiration for what was the most epic father of the bride speeches ever given, in which my dad recounted getting a call from me from a pay phone at the middle school crying because no one would dance with me. He came to pick me up and took me home and promised me someday all the boys would want to dance with me, but until then he would dance anytime I wanted.  And as I stood there some 14 years later, finally a bride for real, next to man who wanted to dance all his dances with me, he pulled out a roll of “Daddy’s Dance Tickets with Erin” and handed them to Andrew saying he was the only man he trusted to be my dance partner. But as he handed them over he tore one ticket off and looked at me and said “but I get one last dance” (I am fucking sobbing at my computer right now writing this, by the way).  I would not have traded being the most popular and beautiful middle school girls in the world for that moment.  I wouldn’t trade anything for that moment, in fact, and as I look up at that picture I have hated and hidden for so many years I feel nothin’ but love for that silly bucktoothed girl and know that she is going to be okay. No, I know that she IS okay.

Now, where is that damn headband? I think I saw one like it on Etsy.

—————via Elements of Style

What did I tell you? How do you feel about what Erin wrote?  Did it bring back any of your own memories? Bring out any emotions?  Make you think of your childhood or your own children now?  I’d love to know….



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A Gorgeous View!

As dinner time approaches on this lovely Saturday night, I thought I’d share a gorgeous view and inviting dining room.  How much fun would it be to stay in this house with close friends and/or family for a vacation — or better yet to live in this house…..and gather around this comfy table for meals with the waves crashing in the background?  It is so simple and casual, yet so incredible at the same time.   I can imagine sumptuous, yummy breakfasts and buffet dinners— maybe even some game playing…  I could also just sit on the outside chairs facing the ocean all day.   Anyway, something to think (and dream) about….

I love the pillows– makes seating arrangements very easy, just give everyone a number!

via photographed by Jean-Philippe Piter

What do you think?  I’d love to know…

Have a great weekend!



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A New Link I Love and All About Chevron!

Check out a new Link I Love– it is called The Zhush and it is a great design and fashion blog— and also an online shop with some really great items…

I especially love these chevron frames which you can find at The Zhush….

The Zhush Chevron Frames


For the perfect pop of color in any room!








I love chevron as you can see from my website design—  I love chevron rugs, fabrics, fashion, etc..

Here are some other great ways to add chevron to any room or decor– The chevron pattern looks great in all different styles and colors… and it really adds a lot of personality to any room…

West Elm Zig Zag Rugs




via West Elm







Here are some great fabric options from Schumacher

Schumacher High Voltage Fabric


Schumacher Fabric



Zenyatta Mondata from Schumacher– this reminds me of a lovable Missoni sweater!











Here is an interesting take on a chevron print–

Schumacher Chevron Fabric

Here is a wild and crazy version from Trina Turk for Schumacher– this would certainly make a statement on a window treatment or pillow and look incredible on outdoor lounge furniture.

Trina Turk For Schumacher Tangier Frame Print

I also love these plates and even have a version of them in my home– they come in all different colors and really add to a table setting:

Chevron Monogram Plate from Write Next Door


Available from Write Next Door






And back to Missoni, the master of Chevron design—

Missoni pouf available at


This pouf  would look great in a monotone gray room next to an acrylic or chrome and glass coffee table-







I can imagine this throw and pillow(s) on a rich camel leather sofa– can you say finishing touch?

Missoni Humbert Throw and Cushion via


Here is an example of a great rug by Flor in the chevron pattern.  If you do not know about Flor it is a great company that makes an innovative system of coordinating modular carpet squares tha allows you to mix and match to create a custom floorcovering in any shape for any space – rug, runner or wall-to-wall— they have an enormous amount of colors and patterns and it is really a great floor-covering option.

via Flor









This is a gorgeous example, by Christina Murphy Interiors, that shows how chevron pillows can add so much “wow” to a room.  This room took my breath away– I absolutely love it!

Via Christina Murphy Interiors
How do you feel about chevron?  Do you like it as much as I do?  I’d love to know…
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Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

It is now officially outdoor entertaining season, especially here on the East Coast.  We love to eat and drink and stay outside as long as we can when the weather is nice.  My husband is an amazing bartender, but I am usually in charge of making one signature drink for each gathering.  One of my favorite drinks to make for company is White Sangria.  I found a great recipe in In Style Magazine years ago from California caterer Michele Gan.  I altered the recipe slightly, but either way it is delicious and amazing and makes you feel good all over.  It is often a request when I am inviting guests to my house or going as a guest to friend’s homes.


3 peaches
8 strawberries
3 apples (I added this to the recipe as I love apples soaked in Sangria)
3/4 cup Cointreau
1/2 cup simple syrup
1 bottle of white wine (the original recipe suggests Pinot Grigio, but I prefer Sauvignon Blanc)

Cut fruit into chunks and place in a bowl or dish and pour cointreau over the fruit– I like to refrigerate and soak the fruit for at least an hour or so before making the Sangria—

To make the simple syrup combine 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup sugar and boil until reduced by half– I use splenda instead of sugar ro reduce the sugar and calories—  I often keep the splenda simple syrup in my refrigerator during the summer to make all different kinds of fun drinks.

Put the cointreau drenched fruit in a pitcher or a large beverage dispenser –add the simple syrup and wine and some ice and the Sangria is ready to serve– This amount should serve 8-10 people, but you can double and triple the recipe etc. for more and this recipe is so simple you can vary the measurements as you like– add more wine if you do not like it as sweet, add more simple syrup and cointreau if you like it sweeter, etc…

Here are some great Beverage Dispensers from Pottery Barn– I love to serve Sangria in these, especially for a large party, because you can ladle the fruit out of the top and pour the Sangria through the spout— you can serve all other types of drinks from these dispensers as well.

Pottery Barn Beverage Dispenser

Pottery Barn Drink Dispensers

Pottery Barn Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

I love how this looks like a Mason Jar and the mugs go with it– so clever and cute!








Or the classic pitcher is always a great option for a small party!

Pottery Barn Casa Recycled Glass Pitcher

I hope you enjoy the Sangria!  Please let me know if you make this recipe?  Also what your guests think of it?  I can assure you it will be a hit!!!



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Time To Go Outside!


Since the sun is finally shining in New York and Memorial Day weekend is upon us, I thought I would provide a few outdoor images for backyard inspiration.   I will be posting a lot more outdoor decorating and entertaining ideas over the Summer… but for now… Enjoy!!

This is a picture of Paris Hilton’s backyard that I saw years ago–I just had to share it! ( I don’t remember what magazine I originally saw it in, but luckily found the image online– if I owe a credit to anyone, please let me know)- Apparently, this house is for rent as she now has a new house that I just read about in In Style magazine.  Anyway,  I love black and white for a change for outdoor colors and I abolutely love the canopy and drapes!  The overall look is just so cool and unique!



Since the Summer is only just beginnning in New York– the nights are still cool.  Thus, I am focusing on staying warm in the evenings…. There is nothing better than sitting around an outdoor fireplace on a beautiful night.  We have an outdoor fireplace and most Summer (and often Fall and Winter nights) end with making lots of S’mores!  A fireplace is a fantastic focal point for any home or backyard.

Here is Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s outdoor fireplace–  Isn’t the entire area so inviting?  I love the colors and the seating along side the fireplace!

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber's outdoor fireplace

via Elle Decor -designed by Michael S. Smith- Photography by Pieter Estersohn

If you do not have a fireplace built in to your backyard, there are now so many (portable) options in addition to fire-pits.  Look at these great new fire tables from Restoration Hardware.  (the furniture is nice too– I am very into the gray accents!)  What a great area to gather with friends during the day or night!


Restoration Hardware


Restoration Hardware

As nice as it is to sit by a fireplace, I also love the warmth that these outdoor patio heaters provide on a cool Summer night.  When we go away to Cabo in Mexico where the temperature at night cools down a lot, my family and I love to sit next to these heaters at the outdoor restaurants.  We hate to go inside since we are usually escaping from a cold New York winter, so these provide us the best of both worlds– warmth and fresh air.  They are also great in a backyard when the sun goes down.  I like this one from Restoration Hardware.  You can place them all around your backyard-or just move one around!

Restoration Hardware

Lastly, my favorite outdoor warm accessory is lighting and candles.  I am crazy about lights and lanterns hanging from trees, umbrellas and whatever else they can hang from– I love the mood and atmosphere they create.  Check out these mercury glass lanterns and string lights from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Lanterns

Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Globe String Lights

I have always wanted to plan an outdoor movie night– isn’t this Pottery Barn scene incredible? It’s actually not difficult to create something similar in your own backyard, no matter how big or small.

More outdoor ideas to come– just wanted to give you a taste of summer before the initial kick-off!  Any thoughts, let me know…

Have a great holiday weekend!



p.s. Speaking of fire… I have to tell you about a great place to go for dinner with friends and kids, etc…  For fun nights out in the city with my kids we go to GYU-KAKU—  It is a Japanese BBQ restaurant and it is great because you cook the food yourself at your table– it is delicious, quite healthy and lots of FUN!  Each table has its own grill and you can choose what you want to cook.  Each person gets their own tongs to place and turn the food (meat, chicken, seafood, fresh vegetables etc.) and it provides entertainment and a great meal. Instead of Hibachi for a change where you are watching someone else cook– here you are your own chef.  The rice and noodle dishes are yummy too– and so are the S’Mores desserts (see I do have a theme here)….  There are two locations in New York City (Lower East Side and Midtown) and there are other locations in California, Hawaii, Illinois and Asia.  Let me know if you try it– I am curious what you think…

Our dinner last week… yummy!



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The Incredible Homes of Ralph Lauren

I was so impressed with Ralph Lauren’s interview on The Oprah Show the other day– if you haven’t seen it already, try to, because it is really an amazing American story.  He truly is an American Icon and kids everywhere should see it to remember that you really can make your dreams come true with hard work and determination.  Of course aside from all of that, I have always been and continue to be a fan of his style and design. Oprah said when she first made money she bought Ralph Lauren Body Sheet Towels and then she knew she had moved up in the world.  Those are still my favorite towels!  I remember when my friends and I  got our first “grown-up” apartments in New York City, we all had to have Ralph Lauren bedding in our bedrooms.  We all had different patterns, but layers and layers of ruffle, plaid and floral bedding with multiple patterned pillows and blankets– -all to create the classic Ralph Lauren look.  It took at least twenty minutes every day to make our beds, but it was soooo worth it!  Our rental apartments with plain white walls looked like home once those beds were made!

Ralph and Ricky Lauren have many homes and each home simulates the locale of the home.  Ralph Lauren is the ultimate set designer as each home looks like it was styled for a movie set to depict its exact location.  He is also the ultimate family man who clearly adores his family!  I can imagine his family as the characters in a movie dressed to match each home’s decor.  In Colorado, for the Oprah interview, his family was dressed head to toe in Western wear: worn in jeans, leather, plaid flannels, boots, turquoise, silver etc. Similarly you can imagine them in Bedford in the classic Ralph Lauren Polo look and in Jamaica in whites and ivory linen with hints of bright colors.  He has the most incredible eye and attention to detail and you can see how the different divisions of his fashion lines and fabric lines reflect the different places he loves to live.

Here are some highlights from the Lauren homes:


The Master Bedroom

via Architectural Digest - Photography by Gilles de Chabaneix

The Saloon/Screening Room– check out the attention to detail, truly unbelievable!

via Architectural Digest - Photography by Gilles de Chabaneix

Architectural Digest - Photography by Gilles de Chabaneix

Look at the tablecloths and the pillows…. (and the view!)  Breath-taking!

via Architectural Digest- Photography by Gilles de Chabaneix

Little Bear Cabin

via Architectural Digest - Photography by Gilles de Chabaneix

And of course, as only Ralph Lauren can– one of five fully decorated Tepee for guests–

via Architectural Digest - Photography by Gilles de Chabaneix


via Elle Decor photographer William Abranowicz

Simply Elegant!  I absolutely love the lights!!

via Elle Decor photographer William Abranowicz


Via Elle Decor- Photography by Pieter Estersohn

So serene and relaxing…

Via Elle Decor- photography by Pieter Estersohn


via Architectural Digest- Photography by Durston Saylor

via Architectural Digest Photography by Durston Saylor

via Architectural Digest - Photography by Durston Saylor

This pool deck is the ultimate in beach chic!

via Architectural Digest- Photography by Durston Saylor


via Architectural Digest- Photography by Durston Saylor

Classic Ralph Lauren—

via Architectural Digest - Photography by Durston Saylor

via Architectural Digest - Photography by Durston Saylor

Every home is incredible– every home is filled with gorgeous fabrics and textures and collectibles that look perfect in each of the homes.

Which is your favorite?  I’d love to know….



via Architectural Digest via Elle Decor

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Everyone that knows me personally knows that I LOVE ORANGE!  (even down to my hair, but that’s a whole other story)– Anyway, I love the color orange– it is my favorite color and I love it for fashion and I love it for the home.  It is such a happy and bright color and it adds a great punch to an outfit and a lot of personality to any room.   I could and would decorate an entire room orange, but most people are more comfortable with a hint of orange in a room or one focal piece of orange.  Here are some great examples of orange touches in rooms that make a very bold statement:

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration













I am obsessed with this Dining Room from Massucco Warner Miller —- if I could I would transplant it into my own home exactly as it is.  I adore the wallpaper and look at the ruffle on the window treatment– it just adds a perfect finish.  Let’s not forget those orange chairs– Amazing!

via Designer- Anna Donohue- Photo by Michael Lee Photography

Isn’t this office incredible?  Every detail is well thought out and the hints of orange brighten the room and add dimension and texture.  It is a great unisex office for a home.

via Elle Decor-Designer Suzanne Coleman Bancroft- Photographer Simon Upton

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design



What a glamorous and feminine nook in a bedroom.  I love the desk, the chair and of course the orange. How creative and adventurous to put all these different ideas all together. To me, it melds perfectly!







Now this is a fun boys room or guest room!












Here are some great ways to add orange to any room to make a great statement or complete a story.

This Crate and Barrel Petrie chair could add a subtle orange tone to a neutral, gray, white or even navy room.

Crate and Barrel Petrie Chair in Leather

West Elm Martini Side Table


These accessories add the perfect touch of orange to a neutral toned room or even a room filled with bright colors.  I also love orange with all white!


via West Elm


Madeline Weinrib Sunburst Mu Pillow





Isn’t this a great pattern from Madeline Weinrib?




These Plantation stools are great in every color, but they just pop in the orange!

Plantation Stout Barrel Ceramic Stool

Plantation orange lacquer boxes




I absolutely love these orange lacquer boxes from Plantation.  They are a great accessory for a bedroom or living room and give that little a subtle touch of “Hermes” elegance.  I would love them on a table in an entrance or foyer.

Plantation orange and white lacquer boxes

I also adore this jewelry box from Plantation.  It would look gorgeous on a mirrored dressing table or chest.

Plantation jewelry box

Here are some results of adding orange accessories to neutral toned rooms….

via Designer Avram Rusu Interiors

If you take the chairs, counter stools, pillow and tables out of the room above, the room is entirely neutral.  But doesn’t the addition of orange make it just fabulous?

via HGTV.Com- Designer Andreas Charalambous- FORMA Design Inc.


Other than the wall in the kitchen, the room above is neutral if you remove the throw and pillows– but the orange just completes the story so well.

Have I inspired you to add orange to your home?  I’d love to hear your thoughts… let me know.



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