Everyone that knows me personally knows that I LOVE ORANGE!  (even down to my hair, but that’s a whole other story)– Anyway, I love the color orange– it is my favorite color and I love it for fashion and I love it for the home.  It is such a happy and bright color and it adds a great punch to an outfit and a lot of personality to any room.   I could and would decorate an entire room orange, but most people are more comfortable with a hint of orange in a room or one focal piece of orange.  Here are some great examples of orange touches in rooms that make a very bold statement:

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration













I am obsessed with this Dining Room from Massucco Warner Miller —- if I could I would transplant it into my own home exactly as it is.  I adore the wallpaper and look at the ruffle on the window treatment– it just adds a perfect finish.  Let’s not forget those orange chairs– Amazing!

via HGTV.com- Designer- Anna Donohue- Photo by Michael Lee Photography

Isn’t this office incredible?  Every detail is well thought out and the hints of orange brighten the room and add dimension and texture.  It is a great unisex office for a home.

via Elle Decor-Designer Suzanne Coleman Bancroft- Photographer Simon Upton

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design



What a glamorous and feminine nook in a bedroom.  I love the desk, the chair and of course the orange. How creative and adventurous to put all these different ideas all together. To me, it melds perfectly!







Now this is a fun boys room or guest room!












Here are some great ways to add orange to any room to make a great statement or complete a story.

This Crate and Barrel Petrie chair could add a subtle orange tone to a neutral, gray, white or even navy room.

Crate and Barrel Petrie Chair in Leather

West Elm Martini Side Table


These accessories add the perfect touch of orange to a neutral toned room or even a room filled with bright colors.  I also love orange with all white!


via West Elm


Madeline Weinrib Sunburst Mu Pillow





Isn’t this a great pattern from Madeline Weinrib?




These Plantation stools are great in every color, but they just pop in the orange!

Plantation Stout Barrel Ceramic Stool

Plantation orange lacquer boxes




I absolutely love these orange lacquer boxes from Plantation.  They are a great accessory for a bedroom or living room and give that little a subtle touch of “Hermes” elegance.  I would love them on a table in an entrance or foyer.

Plantation orange and white lacquer boxes

I also adore this jewelry box from Plantation.  It would look gorgeous on a mirrored dressing table or chest.

Plantation jewelry box

Here are some results of adding orange accessories to neutral toned rooms….

via HGTV.com- Designer Avram Rusu Interiors

If you take the chairs, counter stools, pillow and tables out of the room above, the room is entirely neutral.  But doesn’t the addition of orange make it just fabulous?

via HGTV.Com- Designer Andreas Charalambous- FORMA Design Inc.


Other than the wall in the kitchen, the room above is neutral if you remove the throw and pillows– but the orange just completes the story so well.

Have I inspired you to add orange to your home?  I’d love to hear your thoughts… let me know.



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  1. Jill price says:

    I love everything you post! Keep them com in! Xoxo

  2. Karin Greenberg says:

    All that orange brightened up this dreary day! I really love that lighting fixture in the office!

  3. Jane says:

    Love your page – I was searching for hint’s & tip’s as I am soon to re-design my Son’s cafe/bar, his favourite colour is Orange. and came across your page.I am tring to fit the orange in with the existing furnishings sofa’s etc which are brown and am looking for some key statment pieces that will make it stand out ! such as an amazing orange lilly/gebro that I could use in ladiess toilet ec. Would appreciate any feedback…….

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